Scene Yourself: Engaged At White House; Marry In Seattle (It Gets Better)

Close up of the grooms holding hands

photo credit

As part of an ongoing series of post, ‘Scene Yourself’ is my photographic take on the It Gets Better Project. I highlight photos of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) events for LGBT youth to get a visual sense of how it can get better for them and the possibilities that await for them in the future.

For this post, we have Matthew Phelps (no not that one) and Ben Schock. Phelps is a US Marine who proposed to his boyfriend Schock at the White House December 2013. The couple was married in spring 2013.

Matthew and Ben conoodaling

photo credit

Matthew and Ben's Wedding Party

Matthew and Ben’s Wedding Party

See more photos in a slideshow over at The Huffington Post

Read more about Ben and Matthew’s story on their blog


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Scene Yourself: A Photographic Take on ‘It Gets Better’

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