The Luxury of ‘Gay’ Being Viewed with Indifference

In the latter part of his December 11, 2013 post, ‘Why I Never Want to Be Just Like Straight People (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)’, Huffington Post Gay Voices editor, Noah Michaelson laments gays who view being gay with a shrug; something that is just part of who they are, not all of who they are:

To say that the reason that the queens and dykes and genderfuckers at Stonewall rioted decades ago (along with many, many others since then) was so that some young queer could now say that being gay is “the least special thing about us” makes me sick. And sad. What a luxury to even type those words!

Mr. Michaelson is right, it is a luxury to type those words, but it is the luxury we have been fighting for.

Gay people have been fighting for the right to be accepted and recognized and treated just like everyone else. Rights specifically tied to that recognition and treatment include; decriminalization of our relationships, marriage and adoption rights, anti-bullying legislation and so on, but the core of why we want those rights is because we want to be viewed with a ho-hum eye.

We want no one to take a rubberneck look when two men or tow women hold hands affectionately walking down the street. We want the hotel clerk to say to two men checking in, ‘…we’ve got you in a room with king bed…’ without a furrowed brow of confusion. We want everyone to be able to go to their place of work or their school and talk about their gay dates, sports clubs, social groups, interests, etc. without shame, without fear and without skipping a beat. And that is starting to happen. Not in every part of the country and certainly not in every part of the world, but in some places it is happening. This shouldn’t be a cause for making us feel sick, but rather a cause for making us feel some sense of satisfaction.

While Mr. Michaelson does go on to argue that this shouldn’t make us feel complacent, and that we need to fight on for this luxury to be available to ever individual in every part of the globe, we shouldn’t begrudge those who are able to enjoy the luxury that we’ve fought so hard thus far to achieve.

Read Noah Michaelson’s full article

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One Response to The Luxury of ‘Gay’ Being Viewed with Indifference

  1. Brian Stone says:

    Great article. You and I are in total agreement on this.

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