Gay Rodeo Documentary Seeks Post Production Funds

Filmmaker Matt Livadary continues his efforts to bring the documentary about the gay rodeo circuit, its participants and fans to fruition. Queens & Cowboys is the story of Matt’s year on the International Gay Rodeo Circuit.

I first read about Matt Livadary’s efforts to create a documentary about the gay rodeo circuit in 2011 article on the Then, he was looking for funds to shoot the project. Happily, he was able to raise the funds for shooting. Now, Livadary is looking for funds to help with post production.

From his indiegogo campaign:

We are reaching out to those individuals who want to break down stereotypes, love movies and realize how hard and difficult it can be to get a great indie film finished. We have shot the entire film, but what we need YOUR help in finishing the post-production elements listed below. With our minimum goal of $25,000, we can accomplish that effectively in a way that will benefit ALL involved, including YOU!

-The Composing of a compelling, original score by Joachim Cooder, whom has lent his musical expertise to such films as “Primary Colors” and “Lars and the Real Girl.”

-The Sound Mixing

-The Color Correction

-Licensing costs of stock footage and photos

-The Graphic Design and Promotional Marketing

-Film Festivals: (submission costs, marketing materials and travel costs.) In order to spread the message, the film needs to be seen! Festivals offer the best opportunity to find an early audience and start the conversation.

Visit the Queens & Cowboys indiegogo campaign page

Learn more about the Queens & Cowboys documentary

Learn more about the International Gay Rodeo Association

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