LGBT Profile: Actor Eduardo Bar; Gay, Blind and HIV-Positive

Eduardo Bar came to this country from Buenos Aires to follow his dream of becoming an actor. While in the United States, Bar learned that he was HIV positive, and lost his sight due to complications from meningitis. But he doesn’t let either of his circumstances limit him.

From HIV plus magazine:

…Bar started working on independent short films and continued to perform regularly at the Braille Institute and at private parties — which he does to this day. After landing auditions for both blind and sighted characters, he laughs at the absurdity of having more luck with the latter.

He also laughs at the idea that he’s disabled. He sees himself as just a person taking on the challenges that fall in front of him, unaware that he’s humbly exceeding all expectations but his own.

“I call myself crippled,” he says with a laugh. “To me, words are just silly. To me it’s irrelevant, really. I don’t consider myself — how can I put it — you can call me ‘faggot,’ I don’t care. It’s not about the words; it’s who I am. And I’m more than just blind. I’m more than just gay. I’m more than HIV-positive. To me, HIV is something written on paper.”

Soon Bar will be seen alongside American Horror Story’s Jamie Brewer in My Next Breath, a documentary that highlights David Zimmerman’s award-winning Meet the Biz workshops, which are aimed at making diversity in Hollywood commonplace.

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