Black Gay Men on their Relationship to Feminism

From Steven-Emmanuel Martinez’s Huffington Post article:

…when gay men badger other gay men because of socially constructed ideals about how a man is supposed to act, when our position in the bedroom becomes a foundation for establishing gender roles, when we touch a woman at the club without her consent, or decry them with derogatory words, what we’re doing is protecting and promoting misogyny and sexism. If classism, sexism, and racism are inextricably linked through a thread of oppression, then the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality are bound together through a thread of equality, anchored in waves of feminism.

It is this premise that compelled me to ask Black gay/queer/same gender loving men to share with me what their relationship to feminism is. Their voices are a form of resistance against patriarchy; and a form of solidarity with the women whose struggles we share.

Michael A. Turner, Information Systems Technician, US Navy

photo credit The Huffington Post

Michael A. Turner, Information Systems Technician, US Navy

My feminism is centered on many aspects, including economic inequality, but largely social inequality, because I believe that societal views of women are the driving forces behind the lack of equality in every other aspect. I have always shared a special connection with those whose very existence was deemed insignificant. The imbalance of gender “norms” (that are created by men) often frustrate me, but they also compel me to foster a different way of thinking. Feminism isn’t about male bashing or “saving” women, because let’s face it: assuming that women are weaker beings that need to be “saved” is the very benevolent misogyny that is part of the reason that feminism even exists. I’d always known that women are damned if they did, & damned if they didn’t, so I’ve always encouraged women to simply DO.

Read the full commentary [SLIDESHOW]

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One Response to Black Gay Men on their Relationship to Feminism

  1. John Mulholland says:

    Lovely piece, beautifully put together. Thoughtful, sensitive, incisive. Thanks so much for writing it, we are all richer for it.

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