Brokeback Mountain, The Opera is reporting that gay cowboy love story of Brokeback Mountain will be coming to the big stage as an opera.

The New York City Opera originally commissioned American compositor Charles Wuorinen to write an opera based on thrice Oscar-winning love story of two star-crossed ranch hands back in 2008, but the project was allegedly halted after the resignation of former General Director Gerard Mortier.

According to a friend of entertainment columnist Liz Smith:

Gerard…was slated to take control of the New York City Opera…when the company decided it needed an avant-garde shot in the arm. He subsequently backed out once he realized he would actually have to stay within budget and that New York was not ready–or actually too sensible–for his radical nonsense.

Wuorinen completed the opera in 2012 after spending four years roaming the Wyoming mountains with Proulx. The finished product was again picked up by Mortier, who must have a ton of new funds and creative freedom as the new Artistic Adviser at the Teatro Real Opera House.

You better brush up on your Spanish as Teatro Real is located in Madrid.

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