Spanish Language Book Educates Kids About HIV

From HIV Plus magazine:

Daniel is a young boy whose Aunt Nieves invites him and his parents over to her beachside house for the weekend. Before the trip, Daniel overhears his parents say that Nieves is sick. The story explains Daniel’s learning process about his HIV-positive aunt. With the help of Nieves and her supportive boyfriend, Enrique, Daniel gains a greater understanding of HIV.

Cover of the Children's Book Volando Cometas

Schimel’s Volando Cometas has been well-received by an international audience that hopefully includes, as Schimel says, “educators and librarians, who can use the book to help spark dialogues with their students and patrons.” In addition to the published versions in Spanish and Catalán, Schimel is also launching a Slovenian translation. Núria Fortuny’s whimsical illustrations help lighten the mood, but the book’s primary goal is to enlighten children without underestimating their capacity to comprehend tough issues.

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