Contact Your Ind. Legislators to Vote ‘No’ on Gay Marriage Ban is reporting on the switch of House Joint Resolution 3, which would ban gay marriage in Indiana, from the House Judiciary Committee to the House Elections Committee:

A few weeks ago, no one would have anticipated that the measure would have had any trouble getting out of the House Judiciary Committee, where Bosma initially assigned it. But last week, three GOP committee members surprised many observers — including, apparently, Bosma — with reservations about the amendment.

That left Bosma with few options. He could let the measure die and risk angering conservatives who want an opportunity to vote on the issue. Or, he could use his powers as speaker to push the measure through at the risk of seeming desperate or heavy handed.

He chose the latter.

At the end of the article, the post list the members of the House Elections Committee and their current positions on the measure. Take a look and then contact these legislators (members listed in left column) and let them know they should vote ‘no’ on this discriminatory measure.

Read the full article

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