Gender Non-Conforming Playgroup Networking: Help Start it Up

Lori Duron, mother of a gender non-conforming child and author of the blog Raising My Rainbow, posts a query about what might be the best way to facilitate a network of playgroups for other gender-non conforming/creative children. From her blog post.

I’ve managed to connect a few and that has felt awesome. We love our gender nonconforming playgroup and it’s so important that C.J. be able to play with other boys who like to do nails and put on fashion shows. I’m sad when I think about gender creative kids who have never met or played with another gender creative kid. That sucks. And, parents and siblings benefit from our playgroup too. It’s a win-win dressed in pink and dipped in rhinestones.


I’m getting more of these requests and I want to help. But, how do I do it? The same way I have been? Set up a separate page on this site? How much work and liability do I assume? How do I manage something that could take on a life of its own? Do you know of anybody already providing this service who I can point interested parties to?

I see a void and want to fill it, but how? Your suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Read the original blog post and leave your suggestions in the comments.

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