LGBT Profile: Filmmaker Lee Daniels

I did not realize that Daniel’s had some high profile movies before The Butler. from Out magazines ‘Out100’ 2013:

The narrative of Daniels’s hard-living, hard-working life is a movie in itself, and maybe one day he’ll make it. He watched lovers die of AIDS in his arms (“I was HIV-negative when everyone around me was dying — I should be dead”), hit rock bottom on crystal meth, and came by his two adopted kids in an unlikely way: after his brother was jailed. “He called and said, ‘I’m going to be there for a long time; I got this girl pregnant, she doesn’t want the kids, and I have a feeling she’s going to abandon them.’ ” No wonder he doesn’t feel comfortable in the slick, oily culture of Los Angeles. “In L.A. they make you feel insecure, like you’re always looking at the stars and you feel like you’re not one of them,” he says. “You feel like, ‘I’m nothing.’ It was what my father told me I was, and I knew I had to get out of there.”

But the man who has already won Oscars for his movies Monster’s Ball (which he produced) and Precious is aware that his insecurities are an inseparable part of his talent. “It’s always when things are really good for me that I feel I’m not worthy of it,” he says. “When Halle [Berry] won her Oscar [for Monster’s Ball], I remember her calling, saying, ‘Are you going to the Vanity Fair party?’ and I’m strung out in the Chateau Marmont, methed out of my mind, thinking I didn’t deserve it.” He pauses.

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