What I Love about Coca-Cola’s ‘It’s Beautiful’ Super Bowl Ad

1) It starts out with a cowboy on horseback

2) The two gay father’s at :49 give each other a loving hug. This is much better than the twin beds and a nightstand approach that most television takes toward gay couples.

3) Turning the song ‘America the Beautiful’ into a multi-lingual version while keeping the same melody is no easy feat. Applause to the composers.

Like anything that tries to break out of the box or challenge peoples comfortable perceptions, this commercial is bringing out anger and disgust as much as it brings about feel goods and compliments. A lot of comments center around ‘speak english!’ How about ‘Be bi-lingual!’ or even ‘Be multi-lingual!’ A lot of immigrants to America are. They do speak English. It just so happens that they also speak their native language as well (and sometimes even a third language). This leaves us Americans lagging behind (some of us haven’t even really mastered our native English language.) And lets not forget that even English has it’s varying styles of words, cadence and meaning depending on which part of America you live.

Like it or not, at one time we were all immigrants. Unless you can trace your roots back to one of the Native American tribes that was here long before any “foreign” settlers appeared (note: historians believe even Native Americans emigrated from Asia), your family was at one time immigrants, too. And, no, tracing your roots back to the Mayflower doesn’t count. You’re still an immigrant family. You’re still a descendant of immigrants. Because of this we shouldn’t begrudge others who are emigrate to this country or force them to look and sound like us in order to be considered real Americans. America isn’t a melting pot, where you boil everything down to pour it into one single mold. America is more like a mural; with varied colors and textures that add to the beauty of the whole. And it’s a mural that should reflect the country as it is.

Even if you don’t like the lofty, philosophical take I have outlined above, think practically. Our world is getting smaller. Thanks to 24 hour news, the internet, social media, even things like this blog, we’re getting more connected every day. That in and of itself should encourage us all to learn, at least, one other language. It should encourage us to, at least, be aware of other cultures. If the world did more of this vs. the be just like me to be approved, we’d be sharing a lot more smiles.

Watch the ‘It’s Beautiful’ playlist on YouTube, which has some cool behind the scenes footage.

See the Out Magazine article on Coke’s commercial

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