Throwback Thursday: Trace Adkins circa 2001

Country Weekly magazine pulls out a January 2001 article with one of my favorite country singers, Trace Adkins. In the article Trace talks about having been back to his hometown for his 20th high school reunion:

It may have been two decades ago, but Trace’s old high school buddies still remember every embarrassing story about him — and they delight in sharing these tales with Trace’s wife Rhonda.“I don’t know what Rhonda’s been told,” chuckles Trace, “because some of my classmates had her over in the corner for a while. I was a little worried about what she might have been hearing. She’s going back home with me, so I guess it wasn’t too bad.”

Screen shot of the Trace Adkins article

photo credit Country Weekly

Rhonda did hear the story about Trace getting caught red-handed fishing in a spot posted with NO FISHING signs, then running away through the woods all night long and getting lost in the process. Another of those kind of war stories in particular still make Trace’s skin crawl.

My favorite part of the article comes at the end:

One day, Trace hopes to properly repay his hometown for its kindness and understanding, preferably with a large-scale benefit concert for the school. “I’m holding off, in hopes that I can come out with an album that will really break through, and something phenomenal will happen,” he reveals.

Ya think that hope for an album to break through came true? 🙂

Read the full article

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