Azerbaijan: Suicide of leading gay rights activist sparks first ‘LGBT news conference’

From PinkNews:

The suicide of a gay rights activist in Azerbaijan last month has prompted the city of Baku’s first ever LGBT news conference, in which activists established plans to drive for fresh legislation to protect sexual minorities, as well as “Day of Pride” to mark the late campaigner’s passing.

Police confirmed last month that 20-year-old Isa Shakhmarli, who was a chairman of Azerbaijan Free LGBT, hanged himself using a rainbow pride flag. His suicide note contained the message: “The world cannot handle my true colours.”

On Global Trends reported on Friday that Shakhmarly’s has prompted Azerbaijan’s LGBT community to take more public action.

On Monday last week, over 20 activists held a news conference in Baku to announce plans to drive for new legislation to protect sexual minorities, as well as an outreach campaign and a hotline that could provide psychological support.

Activists also designated January 22nd – the date of Shakhmarly’s passing – as a “Day of Pride in Azerbaijan’s LGBT Community.”

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