Gaye Adegbalola to Put a Face on the Old Black Dyke

Performer, Gaye Adegbalola, will be live streaming a show containing “…a Top Ten list, a rant, dance moves from an old black dyke, health tips from a doctor who will be a recurring guest on the show, as well as songs on gay and lesbian topics[,]” according to Adegbalola hopes the show, called Old Black Dyke, will put a face to what she views as a neglected part of the lesbian community:

“Old Black Dyke is about taking away the stigma from being old, being black, and being a dyke,” says Adegbalola. She aims to offer her own perspective and “let people see an old black dyke close-up.” Adegbalola, along with a team of several others, feel that mass media doesn’t really give a voice to her group which she views as a marginalized people. So they wanted to put together a show that will continue, they said, if people show enough support.

Anybody and everybody is invited to view the show, especially a gay and lesbian audience. She hopes the show will create an avenue for a lot more voices to be heard. “I especially want little baby dykes to get advice from us,” Adegbalola says, “Because we’ve been there. We’ve been through it. Things are much easier now in many ways, but it’s not over.”

In addition to the live stream, Adegbalola wii be appearing in person at select venues. read the full article for more information

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