Online LGBT Support Blog Endangered by Russia’s “gay propaganda” Law

From the website human rights first:

The latest victim of Russia’s anti-LGBT “propaganda” law, Elena Klimova is the creator of “Children-404”an online forum for Russian-speaking LGBT teens to write openly and anonymously about their daily lives and hardships. Vitaly Molonov, the St. Petersburg legislative assemblyman who filed a complaint against Klilova, told Russian News Channel 4 that the site is “against the law, provocative and amoral.” Klimova awaits trial in her hometown of Nizhny Tagil.

Klimova created Children-404 in March 2013 out of concern for the effects that the law would have on young people. In addition to providing a refuge for teens, the site has information for adults about discrimination LGBT teens face.

Between Russian social media site Vkontakte and Facebook, Children-404 has more than 6,000 subscribers. On its pages, teens recount daily episodes of bullying and violence at school, and they relate stories about unsupportive family environments. According to their testimonies, Russian parents tend to react negatively to their children’s coming out. They say their children are mentally ill and a disgrace to their family, or they claim their children are going through a phase. Subscribers to the blog are able to respond and provide support.

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