Contraceptive Access; Another Argument Against Arizona’s SB 1062

Journalist, Anderson Cooper, has interviewed Arizona legislators on SB 1062. SB 1062 would allow individuals to refuse service to anyone based on a sincerely held religious belief, and most of the focus has been on how this law might effect gay and lesbian couples. Cooper, trying to in brings up other case scenarios where this law may affect people, puts forth the hypothetical of divorced person or unwed mother being refused a loan:

While this situation may be something that happens, I believe that it in the mind of most people this alternate scenario is far-fetched. Something much more plausible and tangible is how SB 1062 might affect people’s access to contraceptives.

This is something that we’ve already seen play out as a religious liberty debate with the Affordable Care Act. Arizona’s new law would add another layer to this debate. Could a physician or pharmacist refuse to prescribe or fill a prescription for contraceptives? Could a grocery story or drugstore refuse to carry condoms? Could their clerks refuse to sell them on their sincerely held religious belief about contraception? These are debates we should be having and the questions that Cooper should be asking. They would be much harder to dismiss than the divorce or unwed mother scenarios and are important questions to answer about this possible new law.

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