U of Md. LGBT ‘Frarority’ Begins 2nd Year

From The Diamondback:

Thirteen students received bids Monday from Theta Pi Sigma, the East Coast’s first LGBT “frarority,” after the organization completed its second rush season on the campus.

“Coming out as being a part of the LGBT community, I really wanted to incorporate the two ideas, like family and LGBT,” said president Aubrey DiBello, a junior cell biology and genetics major. “So I got on trusty old Google and I was like ‘is there such a thing as an LGBT fraternity?’ because I really love the ideas of Greek life and what they stood for.”

DiBello founded this university’s chapter of Theta Pi Sigma last semester. An initial recruitment process brought 18 total members to the group last semester, and so this semester was a chance to increase its efforts. Recruitment was split across two weeks because of the snow days, DiBello said, but despite the delays, she described the rush process as “laid back.

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2 Responses to U of Md. LGBT ‘Frarority’ Begins 2nd Year

  1. Aubrey says:

    There is a typo in the title. It should be Frarority. Fraternity + Sorority = Frarority. Thank you!

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