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Contraceptive Access; Another Argument Against Arizona’s SB 1062

Journalist, Anderson Cooper, has interviewed Arizona legislators on SB 1062. SB 1062 would allow individuals to refuse service to anyone based on a sincerely held religious belief, and most of the focus has been on how this law might effect … Continue reading

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Why Would Any Gay Want to Be A Survivalist?

This is the question that Jeremy Lybarger poses in his profile of gay survivalists, those who are preparing for end of civilized society or some other calamity that will require them to retreat to a bunker. The Advocate magazine article, … Continue reading

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Gaye Adegbalola to Put a Face on the Old Black Dyke

Performer, Gaye Adegbalola, will be live streaming a show containing “…a Top Ten list, a rant, dance moves from an old black dyke, health tips from a doctor who will be a recurring guest on the show, as well as … Continue reading

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Online LGBT Support Blog Endangered by Russia’s “gay propaganda” Law

From the website human rights first: The latest victim of Russia’s anti-LGBT “propaganda” law, Elena Klimova is the creator of “Children-404”an online forum for Russian-speaking LGBT teens to write openly and anonymously about their daily lives and hardships. Vitaly Molonov, … Continue reading

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Rosanne Cash on LGBT Equality

In a short piece in Washington, DC’s METROWEEKLY magazine, Rosanne Cash, daughter of country legend, Johnny Cash, comments on her own involvement in supporting the gay community and calls on straight people to be allies, too: “I wrote a song … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Phoenix directed by Michael Akers

Excellent concept; okay execution. Phoenix tells the story of two men spurned by a mutual lover who find solace in each other’s arms. The concept has the potential to be sexy and psychological; an examination of how we rebound and … Continue reading

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Jason Aldean Interview with ABC ‘s Robin Roberts

In case you missed the November 2013 ABC Special In The Spotlight with Robin Roberts, here’s her interview with one of my favorite artists, Jason Aldean: I love the part where he says he could get some bread and baloney … Continue reading

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