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Stop ‘Outing’ People Unless You Have Real Evidence

Please, let’s stop this ridiculous and embarrassing mystery gay-date game of Outing people. I am referring to the ‘Clue’-like hints and speculation that constantly come up about celebrities, politicians and other public figures who are rumored to be gay; i.e., … Continue reading

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Columbus, Ohio, a Midwest Destination for Gays

While you might flyover The Arch City on your way to the more perceived-to-be-exciting gay city destinations of New York or West Hollywood, Dan Allen gives us his reasons why Columbus may be a city to discover for gay folks … Continue reading

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Why Bisexuals Seem So Darn Scary, and Why They Shouldn’t Be

Kathryn Lamble writes a lengthy piece for The Huffington Post where she tackles that Stonewall-age-old debate on bisexuality: Bisexuality is a troubling state for many to grasp, simply because it wages war on the very idea of totality. I’m very … Continue reading

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