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LGBT Youth Share Stories at Imperial Valley College Conference

From California’s Imperial Valley Press: Imperial Valley College’s LGBTQ Club hosted a conference Saturday for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transsexual, or who may be questioning their own identity. Subjects discussed included gender identity, religion and sexuality, … Continue reading

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Us Vs. Them: An Op-Ed on the Gay Rights Drama

From Canada’s Montreal Gazette comes an op-ed by a Jillian on the drama of gay rights and equality. Jillian frames the commentary in a protagonist vs. antagonist style. Within this examination, Jillian asks what is the motivation behind fundamentalist, religious … Continue reading

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Conservative Politicians Hope You’ll Forget Their Anti-Gay Stances Come 2016

Conservatives and Republicans are hoping you’ll forget about all their anti-gay relations and speeches come 2016. As noted in Washington, DC’s METROWEEKLY magazine, at the spring 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), there was nary any mention of or against … Continue reading

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Miranda Lambert’s ‘Automatic’ Inharmonious with How You Order the Single

Miranda Lambert’s single ‘Automatic’ is tune that yearns for the days when everything didn’t come to us so automatically: pay phones, pocket watches and cassette players to tape songs off the radio ‘cuz you “couldn’t buy it yet.” It’s a … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Marriage Animus is Today’s Luxury Good Paid for By the Poor

The blog Joe. My. God. screen shots a tweet by former National Organization for Marriage worker, Thomas Peters. Peter’s tweet, and the article that he links to, R.R. Reno’s ‘Marriage Equality Now’, seem to call out the gay rights struggle … Continue reading

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Isn’t the Bible’s Dress Code Being Naked?

The blog Joe. My. God. is reporting on the story of elementary school student Sunny Kahle, who had a letter sent home because she dressed too much like a boy. From the blog post: Elementary principal Becky Bowman sent home … Continue reading

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Quotes of the Day: Bullying, Backpacks and Gender Politics

…I have a son who is seven and carries a Monster High backpack to school everyday. I guess it’s a “girls backpack.” I mean, it’s marketed mostly to girls, but he has never needed a vagina to operate it, so … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Billy Ray Cyrus Circa 1999

Check out that hair. I use to think that Billy Ray Cyrus was one of the most attractive men in country music and it was mostly because of that hair. This cover is from a 1999 issue of Country Weekly … Continue reading

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N.C. State U to Add LGBT Question to Admissions Application

From Technician Online, the student newspaper of North Carolina State University, comes a report of the Inclusive Admissions Act. The Act, passed by the student senate, allows for “an option on admissions applications allowing prospective students to disclose their sexual … Continue reading

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Movie Review: ‘I Want Your Love’

If you are looking for a film with angst-filled, self-pitying, aimless characters, Travis Matthews’s I Want Your Love is the film for you. Jessie is spending his last weekend in San Francisco. He’s an artist and in his 30s (which … Continue reading

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