Effeminate Gay Men Get Fierce, Powerful and Successful On TV

Sex-columnist, gay activist and speaker, Dan Savage deconstructs how effeminate gay men have moved fop foible to fully realized on Television screens. From the Slog:

The swishy gay men on Under the Gunn or Drag Race aren’t sitting around waiting to be rescued. And reality TV’s swishy gay men have one other thing over swishy gay men on sitcoms: they’re real. They’re three-dimensional, living, breathing human beings. They can be funny, yes; humor is a weapon that effeminate gay men have long used to deflect and defeat the hostility they encounter. But the swishy gay men on Logo and Lifetime aren’t just funny. They’re fucking talented. And they have real lives and real goals and the ability to realize them. Another difference: effeminacy on sitcoms isn’t just code for unemployable loserdom, it’s code for unfuckable eunuch. Project Runway and Under the Gunn, in contrast, have given us a string of effeminate gay sex symbols, from Daniel Vosovic to Jack Mackenroth to Sam “Sassy Sam” Donovan.

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2 Responses to Effeminate Gay Men Get Fierce, Powerful and Successful On TV

  1. John Mulholland says:

    Nice posting. Encouraging that the effeminate gay man is being given the full-rounded persona, a long time coming. Those of us, gay men, whose effeminacy is out and undiluted, welcome this, indeed!

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