Terri Clark’s Next Album Needs Help from Her Fans

One of my favorite country artists and a talented performer is looking for funding help from her fans to help produce her next album. From Country Weekly:

Terri Clark is coming up with a campaign for her new album that will directly engage fans and take them through the entire album-making process. The “I Wanna Do It All” singer is partnering with the direct-to-fan platform PledgeMusic for her next studio album, set for release later [in 2014].

From the Pledge Music page:

Together (You, Me, & PledgeMusic), we’re going to revolutionize the way we make my next studio album. Releasing a record this way allows me to have a closer connection with you guys throughout the entire recording process, AND allows me to directly bring you all kinds of unique and personal experiences that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide through a traditional record release. After all, YOU are the reason I’m still making music and touring every year, and I can’t think of a better group of people to join forces with to make this new record than the FANS!

The pledge amounts include everything from an autographed CD to a private concert at your house. I wonder if her band could fit into my 460 square feet of apartment space.

Read the Full Article

Visit Terri’s Pledge Page

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