N.C. State U to Add LGBT Question to Admissions Application

From Technician Online, the student newspaper of North Carolina State University, comes a report of the Inclusive Admissions Act. The Act, passed by the student senate, allows for “an option on admissions applications allowing prospective students to disclose their sexual orientation and gender identity.” According to the article, the disclosure is seen as a way help quantify Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender students on campus in order to provide better services and resources for them:

According to [the author of the Bill, Alex] Grindstaff, it’s hard to address the issues affecting the GLBT community because it’s difficult to know how many of these students there are on campus. Grindstaff said the best way to reach the GLBT community will be including these questions in the admissions application.

“We can’t go in and ask these students ‘how do you feel?’ because we don’t know who they are,” Grindstaff said. “So volunteering this information allows them to get back to us and provide feedback. ‘Why are you uncomfortable? And what can campus do for you?’”

The article notes that the question will be an optional one.

What do you think? Is including this kind of demographic information on college admissions a good idea or a bad one?

Read the full article

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