Quotes of the Day: Bullying, Backpacks and Gender Politics

…I have a son who is seven and carries a Monster High backpack to school everyday. I guess it’s a “girls backpack.” I mean, it’s marketed mostly to girls, but he has never needed a vagina to operate it, so it seems silly to say it’s “for girls.” — Lori Duron, author of the blog Raising My Rainbow.

The above quote comes from Duron’s blog post ‘Buncombe County Schools, You’re Doing It All Wrong.’ In the post she writes an open letter to a school district in North Carolina. The open letter was in response to the school district suggestion that a boy student leave his My Little Pony backpack at home so he would not be made fun of or bullied. The school district has since reversed that suggestion.

In the her letter, Duron references Title IX protections for school kids and harassment and makes another insightful commentary and how letting kids get away with bullying is failing not only the victim but also the bullies:

As much as you have failed Grayson, you’ve also failed his bullies. You need to help them learn the difference between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. If backpacks are triggers to these kids, they need help. They need to be able to see a backpack and not act out in dangerous, antisocial and harmful ways. After all, backpacks are everywhere.

Read the full article

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