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Telling HER Story: Libby Phelps Alvarez, Former Westboro Baptist Church Member, Now Plans Gay Advocacy Work

With the passing of Fred Phelps, founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, I thought that it was a good time to take a look at another member of the Phelps family. One who has left the church and is working … Continue reading

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LGBT Profile: Mary Kay Henry, Service Employees International Union President

From Mary Kay Henry is the International President of Service Employees International Union, the country’s fastest-growing labor union, with more than 2 million members. In addition to being the first woman to lead the organization, she also happens to … Continue reading

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Logo TV’s New Sexy, Inclusive Safe-Sex Ad Campaign

Logo TV has teamed up with Gilead, a “research-based biopharmaceutical company”, for a public service announcement (PSA) website called ‘Real Men Revealed.’ The site features men talking about being up-front in discussion of safe-sex and HIV status; a series of … Continue reading

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Erasing LGBT Profiles from Student Yearbooks Perpetuates LGBT Stigma

As winter turns to spring, so does a school district’s fear that students may see lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and be okay with it. Typically, this comes in the form of banning same-sex dates at proms, but … Continue reading

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Book Review: ‘American Savage’ by Dan Savage

If you have ever read a Dan Savage column; heard him speak; or watched him on YouTube, you’ve pretty much know everything that is in American Savage. Rather than be any real insights from the twenty-plus years that Savage has … Continue reading

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Grindr App as Activist Tool?

Any gay or bisexual man with a smartphone is well aware of the Grindr App’s ability to find a guy however many feet or miles away from you, but Grindr founder, Joel Simkhai talks about another potential benefit of having … Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Photo Retrospective on 80s NYC Drag Scene

Website Queerty brings our attention to an article by Linda Simpson and her retrospective on the 80s and early 90s drag culture in New York City. From her article: Throughout my draggy adventures I happened to carry around a … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Into 2016; Political Ads, Now with Gay Marriage Equality Inclusion

Doug Gansler, Maryland’s Attorney General, is running for governor of that state in 2014. Below is one of his campaign ads, which contains a declaration of his fight for marriage equality. This declaration isn’t a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment or some veiled … Continue reading

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Can Steve Grand make it for the Long Haul?

The answer to that may be yes. Grand, who was christened America’s first out country artist after his self-funded video ‘All American Boy’, launched a Kickstarter campaign at the end of February 2014 to fund his own album. It took … Continue reading

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Trans as Adjective (really)

Re-blogged from helen boyd’s blog en|Gender: Really, a recent NPR music segment asked people to describe their life in 6 songs, and one of the people whose stories and choices they featured happens to be trans. I love that there‚Äôs … Continue reading

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