Maggie Gallagher Hopes to Avoid Anita Bryant’s Fate

Is Maggie Gallagher hoping to avoid being an early 21st century version of Anita Bryant? In an interview piece with The Huffington Post, Gallagher states that the current climate of increasing public support for gay marriage is allowing her the freedom to decide what to do with the next 20 years of her life. The sad and tragic part of this statement is that Maggie always had that freedom. She just chose to use it to deny equality to gay couples.

As more cases for equality go before the courts, we are finding more and more judges ruling in our favor. These rulings are based on the fact that denying gay couples the right to marry has no rational basis:

This rationale fails under the applicable strict scrutiny test as well as a rational-basis review. Of course the welfare of our children is a legitimate state interest. However, limiting marriage to opposite-sex couples fails to further this interest. Instead, needlessly stigmatizing and humiliating children who are being raised by the loving couples targeted by Virginia’s Marriage Laws betrays that interest. [Schall and Townley’s daughter], like the thousands of children being raised by same-sex couples, is needless deprived of the protection, the stability, the recognition and the legitimacy that marriage conveys. — Federal Judge Arenda Wright Allen in the February 2014 ruling striking down Virginia’s same-sex marriage prohibition.

This is causing an awakening within the court of public opinion. The lawsuits are another way in which we tell the story of our lives, families and relationships. The moral of this storytelling is that denying marriage to gay couples doesn’t really protect anything other than one group’s desire to discriminate against another. The public is beginning to understand just how ugly the marriage amendments are and how much they are rooted in animus against gay people.

I believe that we are not far from a day where we will not only have the courts decisions in our favor but the public’s as well. I believe that we are coming close to the time where repeals of marriage bans will win, and win handily. Those who are against equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) persons will be seen as more fringe and their rational based more on malice than fact or evidence. People will understand there is no rational or logic in keep gays unequal. Because of this we are going to start to see some of the big names in anti-gay organizations and policy start to disappear.

As much as I disagree with Maggie Gallagher, I do agree that she is a very intelligent woman. She is intelligent enough to know if she wants to do anything with the next 20 years of her life, she needs to really make an effort at removing her name with its association of anti-gay equality. Maggie Gallagher is a name that is much less common than say, Brian Brown. While both are personalities that you can easily remember, Gallagher has the more distinctive name. The one that is less likely to be lost to history.

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