Music Review: Tim McGraw’s ‘Meanwhile Back At Mama’s’ Single

Tim McGraw revisits his 90s hit ‘Where the Green Grass Grows’ with a kinder, gentler version. Listen to both below:

I like ‘Mama’s’ for the return to the simpler, quieter, less electronic and poppy sound that I love in country music. I also like it for featuring Faith Hill. I’ve been looking forward to hearing new music from her directly that has yet to materialize, so, it’s good to hear her on something. She is such an underrated talent. What I don’t like it ‘Mama’s’ is so close in theme to ‘Grass’ that the songs could be fraternal twins.

Having a song sung by the same man in pretty spot-on themes of the fast lane of the city vs. the slow life of the country leaves ‘Mama’ living in the shadow of the ‘Grass.’ While I like both songs very much, the strong similarities of both keeps me from enjoying ‘Mama’ as fully as I could.

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