LGBT Profile: Gay Rodeo Horseman

The Desert Sun brings us this profile of gay rodeo competitor David Renier:

The Renier readily admits he works hard to win, and he’s received the accolades to prove it. He’s won more than 700 buckles during 40 years of competitions. He’s ranked No. 1 in the gay rodeo circuit, and is a formidable champ in general or mixed rodeos. Last year, he was named the reserve world champion at Adequan Select, the American Quarter Horse Association World Championship Show.

Raised in a ranching family, Renier began taking part in rodeos at a young age. It was a fun outlet for his youthful energy, and he did well. The commitment to always perform his best is due, in large part, to the love and support of his mother. “Ever since I was little, my mother always told me, ‘No one ever remembers who won second,'” he says. “I just did the best I could. She was very driven. She was an accomplished rider herself.”


“I was competing in straight rodeos and a friend of mine had said there was a gay rodeo association,” Renier recalls. “At the time, it was in L.A. I just thought: I really don’t want to go to the gay rodeo. Being the way I raised out on the farm, you would see over-the-top [gay] people shown on TV. I thought that was how it was going to be. I went but I actually didn’t enter [the competition], because I wanted to see what it was like and the kind of people there. I saw there were people just like me. They were doing their best.”

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