Scene Yourself: A Gay Father Finds Himself in Inclusive Advertising

We all like to see ourselves. We all like to know that we are not the only ones out there. Seeing those who are like us in person or through another medium has a profound impact on our dignity and self-esteem. Rob Watson, comments on this impact in his Huffington Post commentary:

Recently, Nabisco stepped into [the inclusive] limelight with its commercial “Honey Maid: This is Wholesome.” The thirty second spot shows a baby, in the arms of a man. Another man comes and kisses the baby on the head.

This time, I did not miss the subtlety. The minute I saw that simple scene, I burst into tears. That was me. That was my family. While the Coke commercial may have made history for the Super Bowl, Nabisco made history for me. It was at that moment that I realized I had never, ever recognized my real life in a commercial before.

I realized that of all the millions of commercials I had seen, that I was relating to common humanity, but not my own life. There was not another instance in all of my lifetime of TV watching that gave me such a complete and total realization of self identification as seeing a gay dad, holding his baby, while another dad gave the baby a kiss.

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