Lady Bunny Shares My Opinion on the State of Drag Performers Today

Two of the drag queens who I was really rooting for on season 6 of RuPaul’s Drag Race were Vivacious and Milk. I liked both of them because they were doing something with their drag that I had never seen before. I am very used to Glamazon drag. Performers emulating well know or created divas to give the illusion of female. Milk and Vivacious took their drag in another direction. They took it from being imitation to art. I felt that what they did was really creative and very much underrated; even if it did borrow from the drag’s past. They were also still glamorous. Though they may not have been as feminine as some of the girls, they still were beautiful and gorgeous in their make-up. In addition, they brought something unique to drag that I feel brings a freshness to the art that is lacking. Turns out another well-known drag performer, Lady Bunny, share’s my opinion.

From The Huffington Post:

you’re brutally honest, you’re provocative and controversial and it literally makes people gasp — and sometimes groan. I think people miss that really “off the rails” sense of humor that’s dirty and dangerous but also smart. We don’t see that very much any more, so when people encounter that, it really takes them by surprise.
The funny thing is I was not expecting this because I’m mainly a club performer, so if I do shocking things like squirt an enema full of tomato juice between my crotch to the tune of Leona Lewis’ “Bleeding Love,” it is low brow and people in nightclubs appreciate twisted stuff. And of course younger people know the newer songs that I’m parodying. But I was really shocked to get a great review in the New York Times and he really pinpointed what I think is the difference. He said drag has become kind of sanitized and here’s this fierce thing from the gutter who is raunchy and wild and I just really thought from a straight reviewer to come and get that — because drag has become kind of sanitized.

For me, drag has this really rich history of being really political, too. Even if it’s not political in terms of it being about politics but it has confronted a lot of things in mainstream culture and it has been incredibly subversive. Do you think that in some ways it has lost that feeling?
I have a theory about this which is that when gays were really searching for acceptance in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, it was very freeing for gay men to go and see someone who was not only out of the closet but a flamboyant drag queen doing dirty material. Because there was a fearlessness to it. Now drag is more mainstream, so I’m not sure drag is as freeing for gay men and to some extent drag may have become old hat. It is so mainstream now and a lot of it is boring.

Read the full article where you’ll also hear Lady Bunny’s opinion’s on political correctness and acceptable terms within the gay community.

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