LGBT History: Washington D.C. Gay Magazine Celebrates 20 Years

METROWEEKLY 20 Year Anniversary CoverMETROWEEKLY, Washington, D.C.’s gay news magazine, celebrates 20 years of publication this week. Editor-in-Chief, Randy Shulman takes us back to the early days in an opening retrospective:

It seems just like yesterday.

Running around frantically in my tiny apartment at the corner of 17th and T Streets, scrambling to get the very first issue of Metro Arts & Entertainment Weekly written and to the printer. I don’t have clear, detailed memories of it, apart from recalling that pages were laid out in PageMaker on a monochrome IBM computer (floppy disks!), printed out on a cheap black and white laser printer, and then pasted onto templates through the aid of a hot-glue gun. The pages were MWPremiereCoverthen bound into a loose-leaf three-ring binder — “the book,” as it came to be known — which was then raced to the printer by car and handed off, relay style, to the camera department. From there, I always said, “It’s in God’s hands.” God, in this case, being the printing press, which would not break down and create a distribution delay. God forbid.

I remember franticness. Followed by relief. Followed by exhilaration. Followed by a lot of celebratory alcohol. Followed by a hangover. Rinse and repeat.

In the ensuing years the changes came. Many changes…

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The magazine has published a top 20 retrospective of past feature articles, past interviews and more

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