Toby Keith on ‘Country Weekly’ Cover

Toby Keith on the Cover of Country WeeklyToby Keith, the guy who competes with Trace Adkins for the number one spot in my favorite male country artist list, is on the cover of the May 26 issue of Country Weekly. In the cover story, Toby discusses his work on entertaining the troops and his disappointment that more artists don’t do it; something that he attributes to the political message that gets associated, incorrectly, if you support servicemembers:

“The second you connect yourself to the troops you get checkmarks in all the right-hand columns and you become a gun-toting, redneck conservative…You can’t just love the troops in this day and age because it’s so polarized.”

No matter how you feel about military action that our country might take, support the folks who are in our military. It’s not a right-wing thing to do; it’s not a left-wing thing to do; it’s a human thing to do. A lot of the folks are far from home; some in stressful situations; some in dangerous situations that they were put into because we are so polarized as a species. Think about it. When was the last time you saw a hummingbird war or hostile aggression from giraffes. Perhaps if we were a little bit less polarized, we could achieve that world peace that we all seem to talk about.

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