Today In LGBT History: Vintage Gay Bar Advertisements


Granted, the times were scary. Gay bars in Los Angeles still went through periodic shakedowns by the police. There were secret codes, like a song change or the lights flashing, to let you know to find a female partner to dance with. Female impersonation was still illegal in some areas, although performing in drag was not. Compared to now, 1969 was still the dark ages of gay.

See more of the ads in the original article

I was only able to find a brief little bit about the gay bar, Sewers of Paris, named in the at above advertisement via my search on the internet. It was apparently behind the Ivar Theater in Los Angeles. If anyone has any more information about it or any of the bars mentioned in the, leave it in the comments or contact me. Photos, if they exist, would be especially nice. Now, that we are really starting to gain our equality for the future, it would be good to chronicle our history.

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