Meet Some of the Folks Who Got Married in Arkansas

Cover of The Arkansas TimesThe Arkansas Times has interviews with 6 of the folks who rushed to get marriage licenses in the brief time that Arkansas has marriage equality before the state’s supreme court put a halt to further nuptials:

Zeek Taylor and Dick Titus

Taylor, 67, and Titus, 65, were among dozens of same-sex couples who’d arrived at Eureka’s Carroll County Courthouse before sunup Saturday to get a license (Eureka, marriage capital of Arkansas, alone among Arkansas cities issues marriage licenses from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday to accommodate wedding tourism). But deputy clerk Lana Gordon announced to the crowd from the entry landing that she would not issue same-sex licenses because she had no authority from the county clerk to do so.

Taylor confronted Gordon, showing her Pulaski Circuit Judge Chris Piazza’s Friday ruling and telling her she was now legally required to issue licenses. When she said no, Taylor turned to the crowd and said, “Get in line, we’re going in.” After they entered, Gordon locked herself in her office, Taylor said. “I can’t believe I was such a bad ass,”


Randy and Gary Eddy-McCain

“When it comes to marriage, I have a great heritage lived out before me by my parents,” Randy said. “They raised me to respect the institution of marriage. They showed me by example how to do it right. They were together for 54 years before they were parted by my dad’s death in 2000. My parents taught me that you find the person that God has for you and you commit your life to them. You cherish and love that person in the good times and the bad, until death parts you.”

James Paulus and Christopher Shelton

Shelton, 25, and Paulus, 26, went to high school together in England (Lonoke County), where they still live. They were Boy Scouts together. They reconnected after school and became a couple.

“Seven years together,” Shelton said. “Seven years strong. To the rest of our lives now.”

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