Get Ready to Hear ‘When Are You Going to Get Married?’ Gay Couples

In the below clip from Ellen Degeneres’s talk show, actor Jim Parsons is confronted with a question that more and more gay couples will have to answer as gay marriage equality becomes more commonplace and everyday (at the 0:35 mark)

I see this new reality as a positive. Part of being treated just like everyone else is getting to enjoy the same pressure to get hitched as our heterosexual friends, family and peers. Those of us who are struggling to make gay marriage equality a reality need to remember in the future not to get too perturbed at those gay couples couples who get exasperated by the pressure to marry from family and peers. We are fighting not only so that they can have the ability to marry but also so they can have the choice to marry. When the youngins start to complain about everyone asking them ‘when are you going to get married?’, instead of brooding that they should be grateful to even have the opportunity to marry, we should be grateful that we have given them the opportunity to choose when, and if, they want to.

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