Respect for the Judiciary Branch of Government

While every time a judge rules in favor of a same-sex couples rights to marry or strikes down a state’s constitutional amendment banning gay couples from marrying, we hear screams from equality opponents about ‘judicial tyranny’, ‘legislation from the bench’, and ‘judiciary run amok’, there are those level-headed, intelligent people who while they may not agree with a judges decision on such issues, still respect it. One of these people is Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT).

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

He defended two U.S. district judges: Robert Shelby, whose Dec. 20 ruling overturned the state’s Amendment 3 ban on same-sex marriage, and Dale Kimball, who last week declared that Utah must recognize and uphold all legal rights of the 1,000-plus same-sex couples who wed in the state before a Jan. 6 stay.

While he said he disagreed with their decisions, Hatch described them as excellent judges who were attempting to follow the law.

“We have an excellent federal bench [in Utah]. Other federal judges down there might not have arrived at the same conclusion that these two have. But I think it’s a portent of the future that sooner or later gay marriage is probably going to be approved by the Supreme Court of the United States, certainly as the people in this country move towards it, especially young people. I don’t think that’s the right way to go; on the other hand, I do accept whatever the courts say.”

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