ISO Transgender/Gender-Non Conforming Subjects for Photo Project

The Huffington Post reports on a new photography project by Rhys Harper entitled “The Transcending Gender Project.” The Project is currently seeking self-identified transgender or gender non-conforming persons willing to be photographed and share their stories in an effort to create social change, visibility and unity:

We have big plans for this project. We are planning a major road trip around the US to photograph anyone and everyone we possibly can. We would like to publish a beautiful, hardcover coffee table book with photographs accompanied by a story about each person. Beyond that, I would really like to see these photographs exhibited in a highly visible way -– I’ve been thinking of a large-scale traveling photo installation on a Christo and Jean-Claude scale. Those plans are still in the works, however, I think it is important for as many people to see and experience these photographs as possible -– especially outside of the LGBTQ community.

Screen capture of Transcending Gender Project Website

The other thing I would really like to achieve with this project is unity within the trans community. I think we are a passionate group of people and sometimes differing opinions collide –- but it’s so cool that we are such a unique and diverse group of people even within our own community –- and I want to lay aside everything and just capture people. That’s it. No politics, no opinions –- just capturing each person in a way that is authentic to who they are.

Learn more at The Transcending Gender Project Website

Read the full Huffington Post article

Visit the Ingiegogo fundraising page for The Transcending Gender Project

Visit the

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