Social Networking Sites Provide Something Dating Sites Can’t – The Real You

front page of the Washington Express with Twitter lovebirdsThe Washington Post reports on of social applications like Facebook and Twitter being the new matchmaking services. The article notes that the appeal of these sites over a more structured dating site provides a better insight of a person over a potentially longer time:

With studies showing that one-third of married couples started their relationships online, finding romance via URLs is no longer as novel — and creepy — as it seemed when dating sites launched in the mid-1990s. But now the digital aisle to marriage is transforming, moving from dating sites to social networks, where couples say encounters are more revealing and, with witty tweets and thoughtful status updates, more like flirting in the analog world. And they’re free.

“You can follow someone over time and see consistency in character,” said Alexander, a 40-year-old writer and activist. “You can sit back and watch to see if it’s someone you want to reach out to.”

The first couple highlighted in the full article is a same-sex couple.

I’ve know a few same-sex couples who have started out with woofing over Facebook. Anyone got their own success story to share?

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