How I Judge Conchita Wurst

When I first heard about singer Conchita Wurst, I saw a photo of her and thought to myself, ‘She doesn’t really look like she sings country music.’ The gown she had on was way to haute cocktail dress for what I would consider a country artist to wear everyday. To wear to a country music awards show, yes; to sing on a regular basis, no. Being as country music is primary playlist, I didn’t pay any attention to Conchita.

photo from the Daily Star

After she made it through more rounds of the eurovision show, I still didn’t
pay much attention to her. I don’t watch the American singing competition shows or pay attention to them even when they have a county or countryish artist. Why would I pay attention to a contestant, who’s type of music I don’t really listen to, in a competition that’s happening half-way around the world.

As she got even closer to winning, and more and more internet and news outlets starting talking about her, I thought to myself I better check out who this Conchita person is. So I listened to her performance of ‘Rise Like a Phoenix’ and I thought it was good, and just good. I wasn’t wowed the way that I am with when Martina McBride sings, but still, Conchita gives a good performance.

And that’s how everyone should be judging her. Solely, on the merits of whether or not her signing is appealing to you. Not all this ‘she’s got a beard’ bull-caca-do-do. At least it matches her hair and mascara. Judge her, and other’s like her (Laverne Cox comes to mind), on whether you like their artistry or not.

I look forward to a world where that will be the case.

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