LGBT History in Mural Format

Wells Fargo bank highlights the unveiling of a new 102 foot long mural that wraps around a West Hollywood branch on it’s Wells Fargo Stories blog:

The mural features images of early gay pride marches, gay bars, the Chateau Marmont hotel, the railway system that once ran through West Hollywood, and such pioneers as lesbian activist Ivy Bottini and the Rev. Troy Perry of the Metropolitan Community Church.

The below photo was the only one available that I could find though and internet search no bigger resolution is available.

The West Hollywood community mural — depicted in three segments for this illustration — actually measures 102 feet from end to end. (photo via Wells Fargo Stories)

The article notes that my hometown, Washington, D.C., has it’s own LGBT history mural. I will track that one down and post a photo of it.

Read the full article

Learn more about the Wells Fargo community mural project

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