Random Eye Candy: Tim McGraw in ‘Men’sHealth’ Magazine

Rear photo of Tim McGaw with Guitar

photo credit Men’s Health Magazine

Rather than put up the put up the shirtless shot that everyone else has been highlighting from Tim McGraw’s profile in the August 2014 issue of Men’sHealth Magazine, I chose this one from it’s table of contents (click to enlarge). I like it because it still has beefcake appeal – look at those shoulders – and because it’s a pretty damn good composition. The guitar slung over the back, the walk, the head down all make quite the impression.

In the article, McGraw talks about his drinking and the influences that helped him to stop. One of those influences was country music star Keith Whitley:

Whitley was a hard-drinking, death-cheating, lighting-fingered bluegrass phenom out of Kentucky. As brilliant as his playing was, his voice was another gift all together. “Miami, My Amy” was the first in a volley of singles that would climb the charts. And then, at the age of 34 and right in the middle of a run of number ones, Whitley died–by his own hand, you could say. And in that hand was an empty bottle. He would have two more number one hits, each charting after he was in the grave.

The day Keith Whitley died, Tim McGraw arrived in Nashville.


“Keith Whitley taught me how demons can overtake you if you let ’em.” says McGraw. “And I was headed down that path.”

See more photos and more snippets from the article at menshealth.com

Learn more about Keith Whitley

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