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Today in News We Already Knew: Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments Are ‘Silly’

Over at, Mark Joseph Stern breaks down something we have all known since we started the fight for marriage equality; just how silly and animus-driven the arguments of our opponents have always been. In his op-ed, Stern deconstructs how … Continue reading

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Director To Launch LGBT History Documentary Starring You

Joe Jervis, blogger for Joe. My. God., reports that director Stu Maddix, who’s fims Include the documentary Gen Silent, is launching a new documentary project. The project, entitled Reel In The Closet, wants to trace Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender … Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: The Lesbian Avengers

From The Huffington Post: Back in 1992, a radical activist group called the Lesbian Avengers staged a demonstration in front of a schoolyard in Queens, N.Y., handing kids balloons instructing them to “ask about lesbian lives.” The flyers that they … Continue reading

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Is PDA AOK for Gay Men

In a Huffington Post article, Amelia, mother of a gay son, comments on the carefulness that gay men take when showing public displays of affection (PDA) around kids: We live in the Midwest, and it’s been my experience that gay … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: HIV Positive Men Becoming Biological Fathers

Stuart Bell, co-owner of Growing Generations, a organization that helps match up people who want to become parents with surrogates, writes of his wonder at having gone from watching HIV-positive men go from dying to becoming biological parents. This change … Continue reading

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Kenny Chesney Back On Stage at Sold Out Flora-Bama Jama Show

‘Addicted to the music’; that should be the title of Kenny Chesney’s autobiography…if he ever rests long enough from making music to write one. At the end of 2013 Chesney announced that he would not be touring for 2014 so … Continue reading

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Ark. City Re-affirms Support for Marriage Equality via Resolution

Eureka Springs, Ark., a city located up in the northwest corner of the state re-affirmed it’s commitment to marriage equality by City Council resolution in a 5-1 vote July 2014. This was the second time that the city had endorsed … Continue reading

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Ark. City Celebrates Same-Sex Married Couple with a Wedding Reception

From an Out In Eureka press release: Eureka Springs, AR plans ‘Married To Equality’ wedding reception for LGBT newlyweds. The first city in Arkansas to officially endorse marriage equality and the first in which same-sex couples obtained marriage licenses in … Continue reading

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CAN Garth Brooks Make a Comeback in Today’s World of Country Music?

Country Weekly is reporting that 90s superstar Garth Brooks will be coming out with a new music in the coming months and a new album for later this fall. Brooks gained mind-boggling popularity in the last decade of the 20th … Continue reading

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Blog Encourages Social Workers to #WearYourPride

While the below was specifically geared toward June’s Pride Month celebration, the below ideas from the website Social Work License Map are still relevant any month of the year, especially so if you are one of the areas of the … Continue reading

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