Kissing Cousin ‘Dirt Road’ Country Songs

Country artist Kip Moore has released a single called ‘Dirt Road.’ In the song, Moore sings about his hope that there’s a dirt road up behind the pearly gates:

But unless it’s got a dirt road/
leading down to a fishing hole/
With a little piece of moonlight/
a couple cans of Bud Light./
Where I can cuddle with my baby/
and I can pull her real close/
No, I don’t wanna go/
unless heaven’s got a dirt road

The theme of the tune struck something familiar in me because there’s another country artist that’s a favorite of mine who sung of something similar. That’d be Justin Moore with his ode to his afterlife wish, ‘One Dirt Road’:

There’s just one dirt road/
That takes me back to a honey hole/
A hundred year old white oak tree/
Layin’ shade on me/
Pickin’ blackberries off the vine/
A Bobwhite whistling out through the pines/
I can’t wait to walk those streets of gold/
But give me just one dirt road

On top of the similarity in themes, you’ve both the artists singing the song have the last name Moore.

Both songs were written by different people. ‘One Dirt Road’ was written by Justin Moore, Jeremy Stover and Jamie Paulin, while ‘Dirt Road’ was written by Kip Moore, Westin Davis and Dan Couch. Must have been something in the water for these two groups of folks to create these two songs so similar in theme. Or maybe it’s just that every country boy’s version of heaven is one with unpaved streets vs. streets of gold.

Each of the tunes is equally good, but Justin Moore’s is my more favored version on the theme. I just like the quieter delivery of that in that song.

Listen to both and tell me which one you like better.

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1 Response to Kissing Cousin ‘Dirt Road’ Country Songs

  1. Tempest Rose says:

    Yeah, I prefer ‘One Dirt Road’ better as well. It’s like I really want to like ‘Dirt Road,’ but there’s just something about it that doesn’t make it great for me. It’s not bad, but not great.

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