Blog Encourages Social Workers to #WearYourPride

While the below was specifically geared toward June’s Pride Month celebration, the below ideas from the website Social Work License Map are still relevant any month of the year, especially so if you are one of the areas of the country that celebrates pride month at time other than June.

To celebrate Pride Month, we at Social Work License Map are hosting the #WearYourPride blog carnival and campaign, and we are rallying all of you out there in the blogosphere to help us take a positive stance against LGBT discrimination. While instances of discrimination and violence can challenge your pride in your own identity, we call upon you to celebrate the strength and resilience of your pride, whether you identify as LGBT, ally, family member, friend, etc. We hope that our campaign will provide a central platform for you to have your voice heard, to connect with others over shared experiences, and to encourage those who may be struggling with their pride.

How Can You Get Involved in #WearYourPride?

We call upon you, our community of passionate, inspired social advocates, for the message of #WearYourPride to spread as far as possible. Together, we can raise awareness, fight discrimination, and support our loved ones, our friends, ourselves, and our community at large. Here’s how you can #WearYourPride:

  • Record your personal story of pride in a blog post. Tell us about a time when you experienced or witnessed an instance of LGBT discrimination, or a time when you or a loved one was made to feel “other” because of your identity as a member or supporter of the LGBT community. Here are some topics you can address as jumping-off points to frame your post:
  • How were you able to keep your pride in these situations?
  • Why is it important to stay proud in the face of challenges to yourself, and how has your pride helped you build a stronger identity and sense of self?
  • How can pride help individuals face difficulty with strength and confidence?
  • How can we show others that they are not alone?

See the original blog post for more ideas

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