Kenny Chesney Back On Stage at Sold Out Flora-Bama Jama Show

photo by Jill Trunell/EB Media via Country Weekly website

‘Addicted to the music’; that should be the title of Kenny Chesney’s autobiography…if he ever rests long enough from making music to write one. At the end of 2013 Chesney announced that he would not be touring for 2014 so that he could focus on just making music for a new album. Well, you just can’t keep this man off stage; Country Weekly reports that Kenny will be playing at the Flora-Bama Jama on August 16 in a sold out show:

[Aug. 16 will be] the day he hits the beach at the legendary Flora-Bama for his first show in a year. Located on the Redneck Riviera right at the intersection of Orange Beach, Ala., and Perdido Key, Fla., the Flora-Bama is one of the South’s great coastal landmarks. (source)

Can’t even make it a year before he’s back playing in front of a crowd. Just goes to show ya the drive and passion that this Tennessee guy has to the music.

For those of you, like me, who are weepin’ that you can’t get tickets or even on a wait list for the show, take heart; Kenny’s new album The Big Revival will be coming out on September 23.

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