Music Video Review: Brantley Gilbert’s ‘Small Town Throwdown’

I really love this song. I love the collaboration of the three singers on it. I love that it’s a fun-time party song. And I like that the video incorporates a confrontation between Brantley, Thomas Rhett, Justin Moore and UFC’s Chuck Liddell (the look on Moore’s face after he slugs Liddell is priceless). What I don’t like about it is the cussing during that scene.

I know that’s how we’d all talk in that situation for real, and the cricket churp as a cover-up is pretty inventive, but country music is the one of the few places of entertainment where you didn’t have to worry too much about hearing someone swear. I feel like it brings down the class of country music a little bit. And yes, I do feel that country music is classy even though the material is made up of drinkin’, cheatin’ and revenge songs. Whether farmer, redneck or roughneck, we all know how to be a country gentleman when it’s called for, and the swearing in this video just isn’t.

Now, when you look at the behind-the-scenes video, you hear Brantley slip-up and swear in his description of the plot of the video. (2:34)

When it’s done here, it’s little more natural; a little more of that talking the way we talk around friends. In the video, it more done just to do it. It’s done just to push some boundaries in country music that are better off left un-pushed.

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