Fusion TV Brings You A Bear Week Review

The blog, Joe. My. God., reports that Fusion TV will be airing a program on the networks trip to Bear Week in Provincetown, Mass. Bear week is an event that takes place in Provincetown every year the week after July 4 for those burlier, hairier men of the gay community.

From the Fusion TV website:

During the second week of July, Provincetown, Massachusetts is invaded with bears. For an entire week, close to 10,000 gay, hairy and rugged men gather at the tip of Cape Cod to have some fun.

“The Bear community differs in the sense that there is this different ideal in terms of what the aesthetic is,” says Matthew J. Dempsey, a clinical counselor that specializes on helping gay men.

Bears are an established subgroup of gay men with their very own flag and distinctions among the community.

But what exactly is a bear?

With the help of local bear connoisseur and P-town celebrity, Miss Richfield 1981, the AM Tonight team breaks down the different types of bears.

See the original blog post

Visit the Fusion TV Bear Week website

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