The Evolving Language of LGBTs: Animal Classifications

In a previous post, I blogged about Fusion TV’s trip to Bear Week. In the short television clip, they provided definitions on the different classifications of Bears within that community subgroup: Polar Bear, the older bear type; Cub, the younger bear type; Otter, a slim guy with body hair.

Now that you are familiar those terms do you know your Marmosets from your Pekes and Afghans? They’re not terms for your body-haired South American or Middle Eastern guys, but both were classifications that the Advocate Magazine highlighted in a 1979 column called ‘A Glossary of Gay Animals.’ Out of all the classifications, Bear is the only one that, mercifly, has remained.

Click on the photos to see the full description and visit to see the full menagerie.

Peeks and Afghans Gay Body Type DescriptionPekes and Afghans usually come from the Confederate States. They have tawny bodies and large amounts of tawny hair that is arranged to fall over the eyes. The have excelelnt posture and usually sport tans with binki-shaped white marks, even though they almost never have a binki-style body.

General Characteristics: An even manner; a tendancey to gove overbaord when they meet someone they like. The have excellent taste in Bears and are not hampered by either reticence or bad taste when making their play.

Marmoset gay body type descriptionMarmosets look like small, manicured Bears, but unfortunately, incorporate many of the nastier aspects of Pussycats into their personalities. They are, however, wonderful to look at, being amonth the hottest of the gay animals, male or female. They will, on occasion, go to be with someone.Marmosets do best when photographed at their work for the slick pages of “in” magazines. In real life – they have no real life.

General Characteristics: Even Latin Marmosets tend to be rather cold and unfeeling. They have unyeilding good taste that can turn a bizzare object into a truly elegant look. Most of them are quite good at design and do well in fashing houses, architecturally innovative firms and free lance interior design.

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