Music Video Review: Maddie & Tae’s ‘Girl in A Country Song’

Boy what a great video and a great song! I love that it takes the convention of the bikini-clad hottie and, as the video illustrates literally, role reverses it (the scenes with the strawberries and the diaphanous curtains alone are worth the watch). Keep your ears out for the name-checks of song titles, especially one of Jason Aldean’s tunes at the end.

Maddie & Tae are terrific singers. Their harmonious, twangy voices help take a clever concept and execute it with a catchy rhythm. And they sure do look like they are having fun. I expect that this tune will get a lot of playlist requests due it being right on target as to how some women feel, its humor, and the great voices of Maddie & Tae.

I got to give some yee-haw cheers to the he three guy “models” as well. They sure give it their all in this vid; upping the humor factor of the video a good five notches.

‘Girl In A Country Song’ was written by Maddie, Tae and songwriter, Aaron Scherz.

Learn more about Maddie & Tae

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