Garth Brooks Throwsdown to iTunes with His Own Digital Music Service

In a previous post, Garth Brooks spoke with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America about an announcement which he said would bring big change to music history. The announcement was Garth is starting his own digital music service called GhostTunes. Books says that he wanted to start it to give artists a way in which they could sell their music the way they want and to help songwriters and music publishers:

Brooks’ beef with iTunes is that it is grounded in selling singles, while Brooks says he wants his music sold as complete albums to protect the songwriters and music publishers who depend on income from tracks included on those recordings.


Brooks is a part owner in GhostTunes, a small company that he said he hopes “will remain small. We don’t want the corporations wagging the tail of the dog” of digital music sales, he said.

Other artists, he said, can choose from among a variety of options, such as selling individual tracks, albums only, streaming only or downloading only. “The difference is,” Brooks said, “is that the copyright owner gets to make that decision.”

Brooks has long been a hold out in making his music available digitally, but with GhostTunes Brooks is moving into a new era.

Be aware fans, though, Brooks’s music will be available in album format only through GhostTunes. Not as singles:

…Brooks stipulated that for his own music: “Singles will be pre-orders for the album. If someone hears the single and they don’t like it, they’ve got radio to listen to. If they hear the second single and they like and decide maybe I want this, they can order it as a pre-order for the album.”

Brooks characterized the album format as “what keeps the business going,” because multiple songwriters typically benefit from sales of full albums.

I like that Brooks is interested in helping out songwriters and publishers because as a lover of music I am always interested in learning more about who wrote the song?; what other things have they written?; How long have they been in the business? As a music listener, I have a suggestion for Garth on how to meet this need and how he can provide it as marketer of singers, songwriters, publishers. So, Garth, if you happen to read this post hit me up and I’ll share the details. I believe it’s something that could really set your music stream apart from the herd; accomplish your goal for highlighting everyone involved in making music; and is something that really could change music history.

Read the full article

See more about Garth’s GhostTunes announcement from People magazine

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